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To 4th Congressional District voters –
It is tempting to list the many reasons Steve KKKing has worn out his tenure as our
representative. Even his own party and major donors have and are withdrawing their support. Let’s
focus on the reasons for endorsing J. D. Scholten.
J.D. Scholten is refreshingly open and honest. His travels throughout our 39 counties have been
open to all and reflect a willingness to listen to different parties and perspectives. His “scripts” are not
canned; he doesn’t pretend to have all the answers.
J.D. Scholten will be an enthusiastic hard-worker for the district. As a fifth-generation Iowan
with deep farm roots, he would offer important insights in agricultural committee assignments. His
career has provided him with understandings of foreign countries and could be beneficial regarding
international trade and tariff issues.
From his conversations with district business leaders, farmers, medical personnel, educators,
families and individuals, he knows the multiple concerns we have. Health care, good paying jobs, the
need for legal immigrant workers, and the sanctity of life are major issues about which he has spoken.
He doesn’t hide behind clichés. He will work with others to find solutions.
Finally, J. D. Scholten’s campaign has been positive rather than negative. He is motivated by
doing what is best rather than casting a dark shadow of fear. He promises to work in a bi-partisan way
rather than play the blame game. He will have the courage to bring sunshine and light to drain the
pollution of the swamp. J.D. will “stand tall for all.”