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Explore Okoboji: 4th District Congressional Candidate J.D. Scholten Visits Clay County Fair

A Democrat running for Iowa’s 4th District Congressional seat made an appearance Sunday at the Clay County Fair. J.D. Scholten told KUOO news he feels his campaign has renewed momentum this time around in his race against incumbent Steve King… PlayStop  

“I mean it’s night and day compared to two years ago, I’ll say that. And it’s a little bizaar in the sense that I don’t have a primary challenger but the incumbent has a primary and so there’s not too many places or races in America right now where that’s the case and so we’re a little bit unique in that situation.”

Scholten also commented on the declining farm economy and the impact of the tariffs and trade dispute with China… PlayStop 

We’ve got 55,000 farmers with their backs against the wall in this district and we need to give an opportunity for them to make a buck. We’ve had five consecutive years of low commodity prices. We’ve had this trade war is just really squeezing a lot of different folks and we need to hold China accountable, absolutely, but at the same time we can’t go at this alone. We need to have our allies come on board with us and have some leverage, but as a result you’re seeing South America burning the Amazon in order to allow to create soybeans. I was here at the fair last year when the soybean association had their forum and they talked about we’re close to, we’re a few years away from having five billion bushels of soybeans. That’s a huge amount, an enormous amount. And yet it’s in the bin right now. It’s not getting sold in markets so we’ve got to find solutions to that and we need trade policies, we need a lot of different policies that help farmers out and not just the multi-national corporations. That’s I think is a huge difference between the current congressman and myself.” 

When it comes to agriculture policies, Scholten said he shares a lot of the same views as Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

Sun 9-8-2019