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Pigeon Poop On A Pump Handle

There are a lot of people in my Congressional district, represented by Steve
King, that have wanted to vote him out of office for some time. The district
is so heavily weighted partisan Republican, however, that King could
embarrass us with his toxic ideology and still be re-elected.
The district was considered safe for Republicans so the Democrats never
fielded a strong candidate or provided the resources necessary to challenge
King. King was a pathetically poor constituent type representative even
getting away with supporting ethanol nemesis Ted Cruz for president and
getting re-elected. Cruz, running his own tight race reportedly called King
to give him his support.
His own party doesn’t like King, rebuking him for recent racist/white
supremist statements. Former House Speaker John Boehner, whose best friend
was our previous Congressman Tom Latham, called King an “asshole.” There are
a lot of voters here in this district who vote for King as their way of
giving their middle finger to Washington. There may be some emotional release
from that but it doesn’t get you anywhere there. King is treated as a leper
in Washington with no ability to serve effectively in a constituent manner.
Therefore, he spends his time on the culture war cable networks knowing his
conservative base would vote for him anyway even if he announced his support
for Satan.
The neo-Nazi group he supported in Europe was founded by an SS officer so
that is not far removed. He said the group would be Republicans if here in
America. The RNC took issue with that. They are trying to save control of the
House for Republicans yet have ostracized King’s views as being too extreme
to be included in their party. King uses the office he holds as a platform to
dispense his ugly ideology. He has refused to hold town halls fearing
protestors. That means he only talks to his close supporters and is shut off
from the views of many Iowans in his district. Grassley, Ernst and other
representatives all hold town halls and defend their views and actions. King
can’t do that, so he hides. When he is challenged he gets furious, becoming
unhinged at a forum last week where you could see his anger explode as he
declared the meeting was over when asked a question he didn’t like.
Some here in our district are starting to think the unthinkable that King has
finally soiled in his nest so badly that evangelicals might not come out for
him. He has a very good challenger in JD Scholten. JDS is a very good fit for
this district. I briefed him on Ag issues and he answered two of my questions
on other topics how I wanted him to. He told me that he would not vote to ban
any guns and would not vote for Pelosi for House Speaker. He would be the
constituent service kind of Congressional representative that we sorely need.
Agriculture has many issues we need help with and King is worthless as pigeon
poop on a pump handle. King is frustrated because his campaign funding has
dried up. Companies such as Purina, Intel, and Land-o-Lakes cannot be
associated with a racist/white supremacist so are pulling their funding from
him. Maybe the KKK will fund his campaign?
By contrast, contributions have flooded into the JDS campaign and they have
momentum. This has created a situation where it is no longer unthinkable that
King could get voted out of office. That is what he deserves. He has deserved
it for a long time but he was insulated by jerrymandering so was not held
accountable. He has refused to debate Scholten. That is okay. I told JDS
that why would he want to get on a stage and let King pretend to be something
he is not.
Scholten has run a good campaign and in driving to Des Moines and back last
week I have never seen so many yard signs for the Democratic Congressional
candidate before. King has typically won his races by a wide margin and if he
wins by one vote he still wins. This is the best shot this district has had
to cut out this infection because if racist ideology is left in office its
power grows. The racists have left me a threatening message before warning
me, “Don’t you know where you live!” We will find out next Tuesday if it is a
district anyone can respect.

Full letter: https://www.commstock.com/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2018/11/Pigeon-Poop.pdf