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Ames Tribune: Scholten sets a new standard

How hard somebody works to get a job indicates how hard that person will work in that job. Sen. Chuck Grassley famously visits all 99 Iowa counties each year. It’s called a “Full Grassley,” and people admire his effort, whether or not they agree with his philosophy.

Iowa’s 4th Congressional District now has a new standard for hard work. It’s called a “Full Scholten.” Congressional candidate J.D. Scholten has visited not just the district’s 39 counties but all 374 cities to boot!

Nothing new for J.D. We saw the same effort in 2018, when J.D. and his classic RV, the Sioux City Sue, crisscrossed the district, winning over almost enough votes to oust a long-time incumbent in a district that leaned for the incumbent’s party.

This year J.D. is working harder than ever. Driving every minute of the 7,786-mile Full Scholten trek, J.D. proved how much he will listen to — and cares about — the concerns of voters in small towns and large and on farms like the one where he spent time as a kid with his Grandma Fern.

Contrast his opponent, who has never really had to work to get elected to the Iowa Senate. Indeed Sen. Feenstra has never faced a Senate opponent from either party. He has always waltzed into office without really being tested, taking the votes of his district for granted. Until now.

This election Feenstra has repeatedly ducked debates and forums with J.D. Scholten. Only last week did he finally deign to appear in a single televised meeting.

Officeholders have to be accountable, and to be accountable, they have to be accessible. J.D. Scholten has done both 374 times this campaign in all 374 towns in the 4th District.

That’s the kind of guy I want working for me in Washington. How about you?

— Iowa State Sen. Herman C. Quirmbach