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Ft. Dodge Messenger: Says Scholten works

JD Scholten has traveled to all 375 communities in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in the past two years, working to earn your vote. In my 60-plus years of living in Iowa I have not encountered a candidate for any office who matches Scholten’s effort. Our country has big challenges like health care affordability/accessibility, a livable rural wage, the increasing power of multinational agriculture corporations that allows them to bully farmers and battling a dangerous virus. Scholten has the energy and infectious can-do attitude to get things done that will help Iowans overcome these challenges and move forward.

It is rare to find a politician who stops telling us stuff long enough to hear what we have to say. Scholten has been listening to Iowans as he travels the state hearing what issues are important to us. He knows the problems we face and will fight for us. He won’t let us be left behind, which is exactly what has happened to many of us in small town Iowa.

It’s time to turn to leaders like Scholten who will put working people first. Give JD the chance to work for you by casting your vote for him this election.

David Linder