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Hey Steve King, E Pluribus Unum!

You undoubtedly know of my opponent, Steve King. He’s been in Congress now since 2003. You might have seen him at the RNC Convention when he asked “what ‘sub-groups’ besides whites made contributions to civilization,” or remember that in July, he said we should take all the money that goes to Food Stamps and Planned Parenthood and put it into building a border wall with Mexico, or in March when former KKK leader David Duke praised King for tweeting, “We can’t restore our civilization with someone else’s babies.” You may have seen the pictures of a Confederate flag on his desk, despite the fact that over 75,000 Iowans fought for the Union in the Civil War. And the list goes on and on…

Yesterday, Steve King was at it again when he tweeted “diversity is not our strength.”What’s more anti-American than a statement like that? The concept of diversity and multiculturalism is not a partisan issue that just sprang up from the left. Diversity and the idea of the Great Melting Pot is what this country was founded on! King is so hyper focused on alt-right politics and spewing divisive vitriol that he has completely abandoned the people of our district. Diversity represents the best of America and is what truly makes this nation special. Steve King represents the worst of America. His divisive viewpoints are best left in our rear view mirrors, and that’s why I plan on taking his seat in November.

My campaign motto is “Standing Tall for All.” I happen to be 6’6”, but the motto isn’t really about my height. It’s about standing up and fighting for all of the people in my district and treating all people equally. It’s about fighting for the Native Americans who lived here first. It’s about fighting for the folks who are similar to me, whose ancestors came to Iowa to farm. It’s also about fighting for those folks who came from different backgrounds, but came here for the same reason that my ancestors did, the pursuit of the Great American Dream. It’s about fighting to ensure that every one of us—regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity—has an equal opportunity to achieve that same American Dream.

My background is in professional baseball. I never got to pick my teammates. It didn’t matter if my shortstop was from Texas, the Dominican Republic, or Delaware, we all worked our tails off for a common goal. Despite serving nearly 15 years in Congress, Steve King still hasn’t figured it out. The beauty of any good team is diversity, and diversity is what truly makes America great.