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I’m J.D. Scholten, and I’m Here to Dethrone Steve King

Daily Kos  |  ​By Scholten4Iowa  |  Tuesday Aug 22, 2017

Nearly a month ago, our campaign kicked off the effort to dethrone Steve King with the statement below: 

I’m running for Congress because the 4th District of Iowa deserves someone who truly represents the people of this district. Like most Americans, I am sick and tired of how divisive politics in this country has become, and how divorced it is from people’s lives. I was raised to believe that hard work, civility, and community are the values we should all aspire to, and I’m committed to bringing the same values and a new energy to this campaign. The 4th needs a voice that cares more about building our district’s future than it does about dividing us apart.

It’s going to take a unified effort to defeat Steve King and restore the voice of the people — our government is supposed to work for the people that live in this district, not for special interests and the privileged elite. I want to put Iowa values back at the center of public service, create new opportunities for Iowa’s middle class, and ensure that Iowans never again need to worry about healthcare as a barrier to living free, productive, and successful lives.

I look forward to being on the campaign trail everyday, meeting voters, listening to their concerns, and earning their support.

It’s been a busy first month on the campaign. I’ve already visited 29 of the 39 counties in this district and heard story after story about how Steve King doesn’t stand for Iowa values. Steve King has been rated “America’s Worst congressperson” and not only routinely votes against the best interests of the people of our district, he also regularly denigrates women, immigrants, people of color, and people of the LGBT community. But the other thing I’ve heard repeatedly is that for us to win this election, we can’t just be AGAINST Steve King; we also have to stand FOR something.

Our campaign motto, “Standing Tall for ALL” isn’t really about me being 6’6”. It’s about standing FOR the people of this district. Since I’m asking you to support this campaign, I want to make sure you know some of the things I stand for:

I stand for creating new opportunities for our rural communities and our middle class, by reinvesting in America and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

I stand for protecting the rights of unions and workers.

I stand for tax reform that benefits the middle class.

I stand for improving our education system and making it accessible to all.

I stand for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

I stand for creating a working healthcare system that benefits Iowans and moving toward Medicare for all.

I stand for a strong but flexible conservation title in the next Farm Bill.

I stand for providing veterans the care and support they’ve earned in honor of their service.

I stand for the environment, addressing climate change and investing in renewable energy.

I stand for campaign finance reform, our democracy should never be for sale.

I stand for protecting a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.

I stand for fixing our broken immigration system.

I stand for equality—for women, for people of color, and for the LGBTQ community.

I stand for voting rights and making sure everyone in this country has a voice.

And I stand against Steve King and politics of division.


Standing Tall for All,



P.S. Be sure to check out our campaign kickoff video HERE!