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KETV: ‘You’ve gotta take care of the farm,’ Motto drives Democrat J.D. Scholten’s bid for Iowa’s 4th congressional district

Democrat J.D. Scholten believes he’s the right choice for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.

He’s got three goals he says he’ll take to Washington, if elected.

“You’ve got to take care of the farm,” J.D. Scholten said.

Those seven words from his grandma that bring Democrat J.D. Scholten to a small town in Iowa.

“We’re in a farm community right here and we’re seeing not only so many rural communities and farmers with their backs against the wall. That’s why we’re running,” Scholten said.

As supporters listened in their cars over radio frequency Scholten walked them through why he should represent Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.

“Enforcing our anti-trust laws in agriculture. We have so many farmers who can do everything right and not make cost of production. So, we have these get big or get off the farm policies. I want to make sure if it’s 100 acres or 1,000 acres they can succeed,” Scholten said.

There’s three words that sum up his campaign: Fix. Fight. Secure.

“Fix health care, fight for an economy that works for everyone, and secure our democracy, because special interests are dictating it, but we don’t get any of that if we don’t get campaign reform,” Scholten said.

Scholten said he hasn’t taken any PAC money.

He hopes to take a stair step approach toward universal health care, starting with more public options.

And he wants money to stay on the farm to build rural America back up. He believes if farmers and farm communities can thrive, it’ll keep money local.

“There’s so much consolidation, right now it doesn’t matter if you raise corn or soybeans, hogs or cattle, there’s only a handful of entities or multi-national corporations that are squeezing farmers,” he said.

He’s running for Republican Steve King’s seat.

King lost the primary to Randy Feenstra.

Scholten said he’s the right choice because he knows what it’s like to be working class in America. He wants to bring those values to Washington.

“We all talk about the American dream. We need to make sure that dream is achievable,” he said.