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This pandemic is changing the way we do nearly everything.  Political campaigns have had to adjust too.

J.D. Scholten is embracing social distancing in his campaign, holding a rally that resembled a drive-in movie.

The clapping and cheers of political allies were replaced by the honking of horns.  Scholten’s stump speech was broadcasted over FM radio.

Michael Roddy, who attended the rally, said he’s a bit skeptical about this drive-in campaign.

“I’m not sure how successful it’s going to be. I think it’s very hard to communicate in this kind of a situation and I hope it will work,” said Roddy.

He’s not sure sitting in one’s car will create an electrified audience the way a rally can.

“I like rallies where the people get up and talk and you can yell and holler and cheer and I miss that,” he said.

The former minor league player turned candidate J.D. Scholten told KIMT News 3 where his inspiration for a drive-in event came from.

“I got the idea from going to church and my local church went to a parking lot ceremony and so I got the idea and if they can do that I wonder if we can do this? You know, we’ve been getting good reception everywhere we’ve been going,” said Scholten.

Supporter Carol Iverson is just fine sitting in the comfort of her car to support the man she wants to represent her in Washington D.C.

“We’re fine with it. We’re J.D. supporters from two years ago and, you know, whatever it takes to support him.”

Folks at the rally were able to send their questions to J.D. by texting a campaign phone number.