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Letter: King is no friend of agriculture

Earlier this year an important issue with organic livestock, USDA National Organic Program Animal Welfare Law, was in the review and public comment process. Our farmer-owned marketing cooperative, Organic Valley, which I am a member of, asked its farmers to contact their U.S. senators and representatives in regards to this legislation. There were over 40,000 people that responded with support for this rule. Approximately two dozen people were opposed, yet the legilsation ruled in favor of those who were opposed! And this is a democracy?

Sen. Grassley responded with a two-page letter to me, and while I do not agree with his position, at least a thoughtful reply was received. The only response that I got back from Rep. Steve King’s staff was that “Congressman King is not receiving communication from his constituents.”

As a member of the ag committee, Congressman King has no respect or time for the smaller, family farmer. He supports big ag corporations. What has he accomplished as a congressional representative for this district? You cannot serve the people if you will not communicate with those you represent.

Congressman King is an embarrassment to our state. Let’s elect someone who can represent the needs of our district, and that person is JD Scholten.

Tom Frantzen, New Hampton

Full letter: https://globegazette.com/opinion/letters/letter-king-is-no-friend-of-agriculture/article_02341a53-2432-5978-85e1-2b6c4df00cfd.html