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LETTER: Scholten represents a ‘vision for a brighter future’

The person we send to Washington this election year should represent our values, our hopes, and a vision for a brighter future. J.D. Scholten, a Sioux City native, presents an opportunity for us to do that.

For 15 years a living embodiment of our worst fears, Steve King has represented us. Fifteen years without a major committee chair, 15 years with the renaming of a post office as his only legislative achievement, 15 years and Iowa’s most rural district has no representation on the farm bill conference committee, 15 years of the most vile quotes about immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, and just about anyone who is different than him. He is so out of touch with Sioux City’s needs that he advocated eliminating essential benefits such as maternity and pediatric care (according to a video link taken from his Facebook page) and he has said many times he wants to repeal pre-existing condition coverage from the Affordable Care Act. He wants to repeal the ACA entirely and that he has said many times, so by extension that includes everything within the ACA.

He does not represent the people I have come to know since making Sioux City my home. I almost didn’t move here because of Steve King and his views. He is holding this area back and discouraging our young people from returning. We’ve grown so numb to his outrageous views that our local media rarely covers it and when they do it’s as a disinterested third party.

This is your opportunity to make a difference. Look up J.D. Scholten, take the opportunity to talk with him at one of his many campaign stops. Your vote matters. Get involved and decide that the future you want for Iowa holds our best traits and not our worst fears. – Jeremy Granger, M.D., Sioux City

Full letter: https://siouxcityjournal.com/opinion/letters/letter-scholten-represents-a-vision-for-a-brighter-future/article_98a28837-0470-54a0-a2fe-9f8f39cbac8d.html