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LETTER: Steve King: A ‘do-nothing’ member of Congress

In a recent Journal online poll, “Should Steve King and J.D. Scholten debate?”, a majority of 86 percent voted a resounding “yes. The Journal published an editorial on Sept. 16 in support of a debate between the two candidates.

Then why does Steve King refuse to debate? Because King has everything to lose and nothing to gain. I feel in a debate he will be exposed as a bigot, he sticks his foot in his mouth continually, and he has done nothing in over 12 years as Iowa’s 4th District representative. He was once ranked the least effective member of Congress based upon how many of his bills have moved forward in the legislative process.

While I realize that Steve King is hard to beat due to the 4th District’s high number of registered Republicans, would it not be better to have a do-something Democrat like J.D. Scholten than a do-nothing Republican Steve King?

Wake up, Iowa 4th District, and show Steve King that he cannot continue to do nothing, including debate his competition, J.D. Scholten, and get re-elected. – Carl Hardy, Sioux City

Full letter: https://siouxcityjournal.com/opinion/letters/letter-steve-king-a-do-nothing-member-of-congress/article_698dafb7-7fa4-524a-9083-3e0eff4cd27d.html