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Letter to the Editor: ‘We need someone who will truly work for us’

As a fourth generation livestock and grain farmer working the land my great-grandfather bought in 1921, I am greatly worried about the state of our farm economy. I’ve had the same inefficient representative in Steve King for 16 years. So far as I know, he’s done nothing for farmers.

We have fewer seed companies and buyers for our livestock because of mega mergers. My input costs are going up while corn and soybean prices are going down thanks to the Trump Administration’s failure to enforce the RFS and their boneheaded trade war with China. Meanwhile, many farms, factories and grain elevators can’t secure the workforce they need thanks to our outdated approach to immigration.

What has Steve King done to help us with any of this? Nothing! He isn’t on the Farm Bill conference committee anymore, and we remember his endorsement of Ted Cruz for president, the man who wants to destroy the ethanol industry to please his Big Oil backers.

King’s extreme racist views have divided our state. Worst of all, he refuses to be held accountable because he can’t be bothered to do public events or town halls or debates where questions could be asked of his record. He definitely does not represent me!

I believe J.D. Scholten is the breath of fresh air we need. Like Senator Grassley, he’s committed to being accessible to all and doing town hall tours in every county. He is someone who will listen to everyone, who will put the interests of farmers and the people of Iowa first ahead of his own political agenda. I usually vote for the person, and J.D. Scholten is an informed and decent person. We need someone who will truly work for us in the U.S. Congress.

Full letter: https://www.farmforum.net/farm_forum/letter-to-the-editor-we-need-someone-who-will-truly/article_f8cf6c57-33ba-5296-b35e-8c937b60a9ba.html