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Letter: Vote for J.D. Scholten

My family immigrated from Europe over 250 years ago. It is truly American and very diverse. I grew up on an Indiana farm, but had family come to Indiana from Virginia in the 1880’s.

They fought on both sides of the Civil War. My husband grew up in Virginia. Yet we would never fly or show the battle flag of the Confederate States of America, because it has been repurposed to symbolize division. An ugly, narrow minded minority of our great country uses it to represent repressing other Americans, and new immigrants. It now means the country should be divided by the color of a person’s skin. The representative of the 4th district of Iowa displayed a confederate battle flag on his desk. Steve King must believe its current meaning to divide the country along racial lines, or he wouldn’t have displayed it.

J.D. Scholten will bring back what Iowa stood for, to give everyone, men and women, black, white, yellow or brown, a fair, equal chance. Plus, he is connected to Iowa farmland.

This was America. This was Iowa. This was Governor Ray. Now the world thinks Iowa is like its representative who has displayed a confederate flag.

Paraphrasing Taylor Swift, “Think about who you are, what are your values, then vote for the person who represents you.” If you identify with cruelty, repression and division, the current meaning of the confederate battle flag, vote for the current representative, if not vote for J.D. Scholten.

Full letter: http://www.iowastatedaily.com/opinion/letters/letter-vote-for-j-d-scholten/article_659d6ace-dd5b-11e8-8f04-4fcbbd9f0a66.html