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Spencer Daily Reporter: Local Democrats rally ahead of November elections

After a primary season with a smorgasbord of potential candidates to choose from, Clay County Democrats emphasized the importance of party unity while showing optimism in their chances of winning back Iowa’s governorship and the 4th Congressional District from Republicans.

“I attended the Democratic Party State Convention and I witnessed a lot of unity and passion moving forward,” Clay County Democratic Party central committee member Jared Gerlock said. “I had the chance to hear all the candidates speak. There was a lot that I liked about each of those candidates. For the Iowa District 4 race, we had a local candidate, Leann Jacobsen and I liked her, but I also liked J,D, Scholten. I had a chance to speak with him one-on-one and I found him likable. On the statewide ticket, Fred Hubbell wasn’t my first choice, but I like his stances on the issues and I think he will run a very effective campaign. ”

Local Democrat Dave Saboe also expressed a sense of hope regarding the party’s chance heading into November. Though he supported gubernatorial candidate John Norris because of his government experience, and Jacobsen because of her local appeal, he said both Scholten and Hubbell are candidates who represent many of the common ideals uniting the Democratic Party.

“Health care, but mental health especially, economic development and fair and equitable taxes, in other words make sure you tax everybody whether it be a corporation or an individual are issues we can unite around,” Saboe said. “We are worried about the uninsured. We want businesses to invest in Iowa from the ground up. Fiscal mismanagement in the present situation is not right. We have to fix that. Helping hold down tuition at community colleges and technical schools and increase funding to our K-12 schools.”

Gerlock and Saboe agreed on the importance of spreading the party’s message and “hitting the streets” before November’s election. Gerlock said there are many ways to get involved through the Clay County Democrats website, their Facebook and Twitter presence and by attending the party’s monthly meeting which is conducted at the Spencer Public Library at 6:30 p.m. the first Thursday of every month.

“I think there is a sense of urgency right now,” Gerlock said. “We see the results of the Trump administration and we are not happy with it. Democrats feel we could do a better job governing and we see the need to hold the Trump administration accountable which is not being done by the current congress.”

Full article: https://www.spencerdailyreporter.com/story/2534334.html