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North Iowa Today: Democrat J.D. Scholten demands televised debate with opponent Randy Feenstra in race for Iowa’s fourth district seat in Congress

Following the release of a Des Moines Register poll, showing the congressional race for Iowa’s 4th district within 5 points and within the margin of error, J.D. Scholten reaffirmed that the people of Iowa’s 4th district deserve a publicly televised debate.

J.D. Scholten said: “We believe that how you run a campaign shows how you’ll hold public office. That’s why since Day 1, we’ve been accessible and accountable to the people and worked to bring people from across the political spectrum into our grassroots campaign. In the fall, we held town halls in towns of under 1,000 people on the Don’t Forget About Us Tour to listen to and learn from folks that live in places that are often ignored by federal candidates and federal investment. Right now, we’re going to every single incorporated town in Iowa’s 4th district — all 374 towns — and holding events from parking lot rallies to stopping into grain elevators to conversations on farms and tours of small businesses. We listen to everyone, even folks who don’t agree with me, and have an open door policy for questions. That’s what this district deserves: real representation, service, and accountability.

“Our district has already suffered from failed representation in Congress for nearly two decades; we cannot continue that trend and elect someone who hides from accountability, public debate, and scrutiny. We’ve said yes to every debate this cycle. Our opponent, on the other hand, has declined. This poll is even stronger proof that the people of Iowa’s 4th district deserve to compare and contrast the candidates who are asking to serve them in Congress. It’s really the least you can do.”

Scholten’s opponent is Randy Feenstra, who defeated Steve King in a primary earlier this year.