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NW Iowa Review: Letter: Scholten cares for rural Iowa citizens

The recent news that J.D. Scholten accepted an invitation from KTIV for a debate and Randy Feenstra declined the invitation, reminded me of a guest commentary letter written three weeks ago by District 1 Sen. Zach Whiting and House District 2 Rep. Megan Jones.

The commentary makes claims that Theresa Greenfield doesn’t care about rural Iowa, since she declined to participate in the forum hosted by the Spencer Daily Reporter, Spencer Radio Group and Spencer Municipal Utilities. What’s interesting is, Sen. Whiting worked for Congressman Steve King, who was notorious for saying no to events that included his opponent.

One must be led to think that both Sen. Whiting and Rep. Jones now believe that Randy Feenstra doesn’t care about rural Iowans as he will not participate in a debate that reaches a large number of the rural communities in Iowa Congressional District 4.

I’ll admit I’m a little biased, as I ran against Rep. Jones in 2018 and I’m the former chair of the Clay County Democrats before a recent move to Hinton. I personally believe the only reason Sen. Joni Ernst attended the forum was because the Republican Party doesn’t trust Randy Feenstra one-on-one with J.D. Scholten. This may also explain why he declined the invitation by KTIV.

When it comes down to it, what does it mean to care about rural Iowans? If going to each county in the district a minimum of three times in 2018 means caring for rural Iowans, then vote for J.D. Scholten. If going to each of the 370-plus communities in the district means caring for rural Iowans, then vote for J.D. Scholten. If saying no to the national party in favor of your district means caring for rural Iowans, then vote for J.D. Scholten.

In closing I’d like to use the last sentence from Rep. Jones and Sen. Whiting’s commentary, but change up the political office, name and surnames.

We need a relentless fighter for rural Iowa in Congress. Feenstra’s decision to ignore rural Iowa illustrates that he’ll continue his pattern of empty rhetoric and dishonesty. Did I mention, vote for J.D. Scholten?

Ryan Odor,