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People – Former Pro Baseballer Who’s Running for Congress Pays Homage to Field of Dreams in Campaign Ad

J.D. Scholten, a former pro baseball player and the Democratic candidate for Iowa’s fourth congressional district, has released a goosebump-inducing new campaign ad on YouTube that is also a moving tribute to the hit film Field of Dreams.

The ad focuses on Scholten’s deep ties to Iowa, with sweet scenes of cornfields, farmland, and Scholten surrounded by kids in a cornfield-turned-baseball diamond.

The two-minute ad opens with a shot of Scholten sitting next to a cornfield. “There was a man who grew up in Iowa knowing he wanted more,” a voiceover says, as the images move to shots of Scholten throwing a ball and a young boy in glasses throwing a pitch.

“He chased a dream that brought him around the world to play ball,” the voiceover continues.

The ad goes on to show Scholten walking through a cornfield, a lightening bolt coming from a dark sky to strike a field, and a screen shot of his opponent, Republican Steve King, talking about a controversial tweet on CNN. (King has a history of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric regarding immigrants and race.)

“While he was gone, things back home were getting dark.”

Then Scholten’s campaign RV, which he’s used to travel the state to talk to voters, appears parked on the baseball field.

He emerges, and the ad shows images of Scholten walking through farmland, petting cows, and scenes of farmers hard at work.

“He knew he must come back to Iowa, and bring home the values he was raised with. Hard work, commitment, supporting your neighbors. But how do you build a campaign when you are not rich?”

The music builds as Scholten emerges from the RV, runs onto the baseball field amid the cornfield as a group of children run towards him.

“The answer is faith. If you build it, they will come.”


Scholten’s ad isn’t just fiction, like the 1989 film starring Kevin Costner. He has outfundraised King and in this heavily Republican district, a new poll shows Scholten trailing the eight-term incumbent by just a point.

A clearly elated Patton Oswald retweeted the poll early Tuesday morning:

Jon Favreau, the former Obama speechwriter and co-founder of the popular podcast PodSaveAmerica, also retweeted the poll as he wrote:

“Check out @Scholten4Iowa on today’s @PodSaveAmerica, and then donate to his campaign so we can kick a white nationalist out of Congress: http://scholten4iowa.com ”

Busy Philipps also voiced her support for Scholten, tweeting on Tuesday that she “just donated” to his campaign.

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