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Saturday Spotlight: Connie Price, Iowa State House Candidate (HD-08)

Can you tell us a little bit about your race? I am a candidate for District 08 in the Iowa House of Representatives. This district includes all of Hancock and Wright counties, and the southern part of Kossuth County. 

What sets you apart from your opponent? I am a progressive voice for policies that would help ordinary Iowans succeed.
I support:
* Fully funding all our public schools – pre-K through 12, community colleges, and state universities
* Public control of Medicaid, Medicare, and VA, with the goal of expanding affordable, quality, accessible healthcare for all
* Funding the air and water quality initiatives
* Incentives for meaningful job growth and living wages across all Iowa, not just the city and suburbs. 

Past or present, what political figure or figures do you look up to? Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an independent woman who was very compassionate. She helped FDR see the people in need and realize how important it was for government policies to help them, not harm them. 

What inspired you to run for office?
* I am deeply dismayed about the direction the current republican-controlled legislature is taking Iowa.
* Public money being used for private gain. Public money should be used for the public good! We need our public tax dollars to be used for public investment..

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that we wouldn’t find on your website? I have never met a vegetable I won’t eat, I love them all, even brussel sprouts!

Lastly, what’s your opinion of Steve King? Steve King is not representative of the Iowans I know. His public statements are an embarrassment to the hard-working, kind-hearted, generous people I know in our district. He has not sponsored any meaningful legislation during his time in Congress that has become law.

Learn more about Connie Price at the links below:

Website:  www.priceforiowahouse.com/​

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PriceforIowaHouse/