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Can you tell us a little bit about your race?
I am running to defeat Tedd Gassman and become the 7th District Representative in the Iowa House. This district includes all of Winnebago and Emmet counties, and the northern part of Kossuth County. I hope to have canvassed every community in my district by Election Day. 

What sets you apart from your opponent?
My opponent consistently states his greatest priority is to strengthen families, yet his definition of family is narrow. He openly states he wants to make divorce difficult and same-sex marriage illegal. In my former career as a public health nurse, I advocated for all types of families no matter how many mothers or fathers and grandfathers or grandmothers helped make their family complete. When elected, I’ll work to strengthen all families.

I will work for and represent all people in the district rather than work for a personal ideology that is not relevant in today’s world. I will also advocate for our district’s students by funding all levels of public education rather than diverting funds to out-of-state corporations through tax credits.

Past or present, what political figure or figures do you look up to?
Barack Obama. He came from humble beginnings and remained humble and genuine in the way he connected with people throughout his eight years in office. He took office as our country was on the brink of a deep recession and got to work stabilizing our economy. The same type of stabilizing must happen when reversing the damaging effects of Medicaid privatization. It can and must be done.  

What inspired you to run for office?
• Knowing my opponent was 10 days from not having a Democrat to run against.
• Being asked by someone who believed in me as a candidate then having my husband also tell me I should run.
• Realizing I could have a positive impact addressing concerns about Medicaid privatization, healthcare (which include mental healthcare), education, the environment, and workers’ rights.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that we wouldn’t find on your website?
I have no fear of heights. A few years ago, I painted the exterior of our three-story Victorian home using an extension ladder with my husband as my spotter. I’ll offer one more: I alphabetize my soup cans.

Lastly, what’s your opinion of Steve King?
Steve King has grown bolder in expressing extreme viewpoints that are unlike the Iowa and America I know and love. Our state is harmed by his strong anti-immigration position and comments that stoke fears about differences. Too often, his statements feed hostility. At our best, we are welcoming, good neighbors. Steve King does not represent the best of Iowa or our country.

Learn more about Deb Jensen at the links below:

Website:  https://www.debrajensenforiowa.com/​

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DebJensenforIowaHouse/​