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Saturday Spotlight: Tracy Freese, Iowa State Senate Candidate (SD-25)

Can you tell us a little bit about your race? Initially, I was running to oust Senate Majority Leader, Bill Dix. Three weeks ago, Dix was caught kissing a lobbyist on camera and immediately resigned. Today, I find myself in a surprise special election on April 10th against Annette Sweeney. 

What sets you apart from your opponent? Our biggest difference appears to be animal cruelty laws. I support the protection of animals, Sweeney does not. She also believes gun laws should be unrestricted and I believe commonsense gun reform will keep firearms out of the wrong hands and will save innocent lives. 

Past or present, what political figure or figures do you look up to? I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Warren. She and I speak the same financial language. 

What inspired you to run for office? Kirsten Anderson. Kirsten was unjustly fired by Bill Dix just hours after reporting a toxic work environment filled with sexual harassment in the Republican Senate Caucus. She sued for just under a million but the jury was so offended it awarded her $2.2 million. Eventually, the suit was settled for $1.75 million with taxpayers footing the bill. As a working mother in my thirties, I saw myself in Kirsten and launched my campaign against Dix four days later to further the fight for harassment-free workplaces in Iowa.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that we wouldn’t find on your website? J.D.’s mom likes me more than she likes him!

Lastly, what’s your opinion of Steve King? He is the stain Iowa can’t seem to wash off.

Learn more about Tracy Freese at the links below:

Website:  www.tracyfreese.com/​

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/tracyafreese/​

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/TracyAFreese