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Scholten is the change needed in 4th District

To all of my friends who live in the 4th District, I encourage you to vote for J.D. Scholten for Congress. Setting aside all of the usual issues most people bring up about Rep. Steve King, there’s one thing that it comes down to: Who is going to actually put in the work to represent you well?

King seems to believe he owns this district by virtue of the fact that party registration favors him. He doesn’t debate, doesn’t make public appearances, doesn’t pass bills, doesn’t chair committees; he does nothing.

Contrast that to what Scholten’s aims are: Inclusiveness, respect and hard work. He has been talking to and taking input from people from all over the district.

He listens not only to people from his own party, but independents and Republicans too. If Scholten is elected, he will have to work hard every day to continually earn the support of the people in this district.

Early voting started on Oct. 8, so please give serious consideration to a change in leadership for Northwest Iowa by voting for Scholten for Congress.

Full letter: https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/readers/2018/10/08/letters-scholten-change-needed-iowas-4th-district-mary-mosiman-rob-sand-kim-reynolds/1533204002/