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Scholten said ‘competitive edge’ will help him beat King

Sunday, September 17, 2017

By Colin Van Westen, Daily Reporter Staff

Democratic candidate for the 4th District representative seat J.D. Scholten visited with fairgoers Saturday afternoon. The former minor league baseball player is running on a theme of Iowa values as well as economic opportunity for the middle class and creating public options to stabilize the health insurance market. (Photo by Randy M. Cauthron)

J.D. Scholten, Democratic candidate for Iowa’s U.S. House 4th District representative seat, spent an afternoon at the party’s booth at the Clay County Fair visiting with constituents about issues ranging from economic opportunity for the middle class to creating public options to stabilize the health insurance market.

Scholten is a former professional baseball player who played all over the world before beginning work as a paralegal focused on intellectual property.

“I think I can beat Steve King because going around the district I hear a lot of people who are tired of the same old, same old,” Scholten said. “I hear it from both sides of the aisle that they are ready to make a change. We need somebody to look after the district and not someone who has been consistently ineffective.”

Scholten said he has three advantages he brings to the race: He is a younger person with a competitive background, he is from the largest city in the district and he has roots in farming. His family still owns its family farm on his mother’s side.

“Health care is a huge issue right now. I am a proponent of creating a public option and then pushing for Medicare for all,” Scholten said. “Another important issue is creating economic opportunity, especially in this district. A lot of the kids I grew up with moved away and they want to move back. We have to create the opportunities here in Iowa to invite them back. I am really focused on the next farm bill as well.”

Scholten said his first action if elected would be to work for a public option for health care to help stabilize the markets.