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Sioux City Journal: ‘J.D. Scholten has my vote’

Randy Feenstra has been my Iowa state senator since 2009. During this time, I wrote him three letters. He did not respond to any of the three, not even with a form letter. Sen. Feenstra is now running for Congress in Iowa’s 4th District. If Sen. Feenstra does not take the time to respond to his constituents in less than three counties, how can we expect him to respond to his constituents in the 39 counties of Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District?

J.D. Scholten has lots of good ideas and is a good listener. He cares about small towns as well as cities and made a tour of towns with under 1,000 people. When Scholten ran for Congress in 2018, he visited each of the 39 counties at least three times.

I want a congressional representative who is hard working and will listen to me. J.D. Scholten has my vote. Ruth Kocisko, Sioux Center, Iowa