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Sioux City Journal: Scholten understands Iowa’s 4th District

When J.D. Scholten says, “It’s getting harder and harder to live in rural America” he knows exactly what he’s talking about. The Fourth District is the biggest district and most rural meaning how good or bad our farm economy is doing has a huge impact. J.D., unlike his opponent, does not ignore this issue and talks about farm bankruptcies on the rise and income on a decline.

As of last fall, our district has lost 558 million. Our farmers are not able to recover due to the trade tariffs and we are losing our markets. We were told by Republican leadership that tariffs would be temporary, but while we have been waiting the supply chain has changed and we are losing the battle. In the last year, 30% of farm income is from the Fed. This leaves everyone disheartened when they have to deal with problems previous generations have not had to endure.

Another issue J.D. is understanding better than anyone running anywhere is how healthcare is impacting rural areas, especially in his district. He is recognizing costs are exceeding what people can afford and having to turn to donations and fundraisers. Both are nice, but it is not a long-term solution to what has become an insurmountable problem under current leadership. J.D. has answers and is not afraid to tackle the issues affecting us the most. Your vote for J.D. is a vote to secure a better future for our district.

Jackie Stellish, Sioux City