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Sioux City Journal: Teacher supports Scholten

As a busy teacher, why have I spent my evenings calling people asking for J.D.’s support and driving around town delivering Scholten signs? I do this because J.D. Scholten has worked tirelessly to earn your vote.

What I admire most about J.D. Scholten is he puts his district’s needs before his political party. He is willing to reject his own party if it means what is doing best for his district.

As a teacher, I have seen my school’s budget decrease significantly over the past several years. Teachers should not have to pay for school supplies out of their own salary-and yes, I have witnessed this too many times. J.D. speaks of continuing to fund public education and he would provide earlier student loan forgiveness and full debt cancellation after 10 years of service.

I have seen first hand the anguish mental illness brings to families. Iowa ranks among the worst states in the nation for mental health treatment-47th in psychiatrists and 51st in the ratio of state psychiatric beds to residents. J.D. proposes expanding federal funding for community health centers in underserved rural communities and expanding access to public addiction recovery services. 

Julie Hoss, Sioux City