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Storm Lake Radio: JD Scholten Campaigns in Storm Lake

4th District Congressional candidate J.D. Scholten held a parking lot campaign rally at Frank Starr Park in Storm Lake this (Thur) evening.

Scholten, a Democrat, said his biggest goal in Congress would be to fight to enforce anti-trust laws.

“The USDA says that only one in 30 dairy farmers are still going to be in existence by 2036, and that’s all policy-driven out of D.C.  All farms matter, whether big or small.  We have to find a way to keep people on their land and make a dime.”

Scholten stressed protecting coverage of pre-existing conditions, and expanding social security and medicare. He said accessibility to prescription drugs is shrinking in the 4th district, and costs are going up.

Scholten said another goal is to fight for an economy that works for everybody.

“What we’ve seen with career-politicians in the past few decades is they’ve sold out the American worker, farmer, and consumer.  That’s never been more clear than what’s happened in the pandemic, when CEO’s and billionaires continue to have record profits while the majority of Americans are suffering.  If we continue to elect politicians who accept the status quo and don’t want reform, we can’t expect change.” 

Scholten said a program is needed to help relieve student loan debt.

After being asked about possible voter suppression, Scholten encouraged residents to have a plan, vote early, and those that want to vote by absentee ballot should put in their request soon, and to submit ballots right away.

Scholten will face Republican Randy Feenstra in the November 3rd general election.